Jewellery instructions

Are you up for an adventure? Then take your time and discover our jewellery instructions for homemade jewellery. Because it's often the little things in life that bring you the most joy. Start your very own jewellery project today and let your creativity run wild. Your self-made piece of jewellery will look exactly as you want it to. In addition to ideas and instructions, you can also discover our lovingly designed DIY online magazines and many helpful instruction videos in our jewellery instructions category. You're guaranteed to find the perfect idea for you.

Have confidence in yourself. You will see that making your own jewellery is not difficult or complicated at all. In our basic techniques we explain step by step how you can make your own jewellery. We will help you and answer all your questions about DIY jewellery. Take a look around and discover our numerous jewellery ideas. We wish you lots of fun and hope that you have as much fun as we do.

Basic instructions for jewellery

In the basic tutorials category, you can find lots of DIY jewellery tutorials. With the help of these step-by-step instructions we want to take you by the hand and show you how to create your favourite piece of jewellery. Thanks to these basic techniques, you can, for example, make all kinds of bracelets yourself: Bracelets made of sail rope, macramé bracelets or simply make a classic bead bracelet yourself. There is a suitable DIY instruction for every taste and every occasion. Of course, there are also basic techniques that you can use to design your own necklace or make your own earrings and finger rings.

These basic techniques leave no questions unanswered. We have thought of everything. However, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We always have an open ear for you.

DIY Online Magazine/ DIY Print Magazine

There are so many ways to create your jewellery. It's the same with the different types of jewellery. There is always something new to discover. We want you to keep learning and finding new inspiration. For this reason, we have created our DIY Online Magazines. In these online magazines, we present new ideas for homemade jewellery every month.

These DIY Online Magazines are made by us with a lot of love. Each one focuses on a specific theme. For example, we show you how to make maritime jewellery, football jewellery or jewellery with cabochons.

Ideas for jewellery

You probably know this problem: You would like to make your own jewellery but you are missing the right idea. Or you know what kind of jewellery you want to make, but you don't know exactly which materials you need. Thanks to our ideas for jew ellery we finally have the solution. In this category you will find thousands of DIY jewellery ideas.
Here are ideas for letter jewellery, fan jewellery, beaded jewellery and many instructions for nautical jewellery.

If you would like to make a particular piece of jewellery yourself, you can easily add all the materials you need to your shopping basket. Simply use our DIY one-click system. With just one click, all the items you need are ordered. Isn't that incredibly practical?

The appropriate basic technique that you need for the piece of jewellery is stored to the right of the article image under the tab "How to make it". Some of the jewellery ideas can also be found in our DIY magazines. If this is also the case for your piece of jewellery, you can also see it here. Just click on the respective basic technique or magazine and you will be taken directly there.

All you have to do now is send the order and start designing. Be open to something new and do what you want. Do-it-yourself is a lot of fun. Have you ever made a DIY bracelet?

Ideas for home decoration and accessories

With our beads and ribbons you can not only make jewellery yourself. In the category Ideas for Home Decoration and Accessories we show you how you can make beautiful decoration items from our articles. Napkin rings, window decorations or Christmas decorations: there really is something here for every occasion. Convince yourself and take a closer look here. Maybe you are planning a party and still need the right lanterns or napkin rings with Polaris beads for the table decoration? After all, what could be nicer than something you made yourself? Your guests will be thrilled.

But you can also easily make your own key rings or mobile phone chains. We show you how to do it.


Maybe you are a practical person and learn best when you can watch. Of course, we have also thought of you. Under the category Videos we have prepared many instruction videos for you. Among other things, we show you how to make a coin bracelet yourself or how to make a rigging knot. Under the videos, we have always listed the respective material list for the piece of jewellery shown. So you can easily order the right material. Have you already watched one of our videos? The best thing to do is to have a look at our homepage to get an impression. Maybe you'll start with our beads and pendants category.

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