Video tutorials on making your own jewellery

Make your own jewellery! If you want to make your own jewellery in the future, you've come to the right place! Once you have learned a few basic techniques, you can easily make many different necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets. We also explain all the basic techniques in short video tutorials. Sometimes it is simply better or easier to see a tutorial again in moving pictures. In addition to the Glücksfieber video tutorials, you will also find selected tutorials from ImpressArt and Beadalon.

Basic techniques for making jewellery yourself
Take some time to learn the most important basic techniques, tools and materials for making jewellery yourself. But if you're just looking for some quick information, the videos are the place to go. So which instructions are important?

Video instructions for making your own necklace
A necklace with beads is usually strung on jewellery wire. A clasp with crimp beads is then attached to the wire. No matter whether you want to work with small Rocailles or large Polaris beads, the basic technique is always the same. You also have many options when choosing a clasp. A great help in designing the necklace is a bead board. In the video tutorial we explain what a bead board is and how to use it.

Video tutorial on how to make your own earrings
Fancy some beautiful earrings? Then get to the pliers, bend, cut and you're done! If you know a few basic tricks for making earrings, it's easy. Actually, all kinds of beads are suitable for earrings. Just make sure that the beads are not too heavy. If your earring is too heavy to wear, it can easily become uncomfortable!

Video instructions for making your own bracelet
Bracelets strung on elastic silicone ribbon are a classic. This jewellery technique is suitable for all ages. You can even thread a bracelet with kindergarten children. But it is just as much fun for adults! You will need beads for the bracelets. All beads are suitable for stringing bracelets. As there are beads in many different sizes and with different hole diameters, the ribbon also comes in different thicknesses. But no matter what thickness you work with, the knotting technique is always the same and very easy to learn. The great thing about the bracelets is that you only need a normal pair of scissors as a tool.

Video instructions for knotting a pearl necklace
A knotted pearl necklace looks elegant and is characterised by the fact that it falls particularly beautifully. How about learning this classic technique of knotting pearls? You will be surprised how easy it is! All you really need is a little patience and a pair of tweezers to help you tie the knot. In the video we show you the basic technique and how to attach a clasp to the chain.

Video instructions for attaching end caps
There are different types of end caps. We distinguish between end caps for gluing and for crimping. Both types are easy to work with. They are usually used as end caps for necklaces or bracelets with leather cord or sail rope. Then all you have to do is attach a clasp to the end cap and your new piece of jewellery is ready!

Video instructions for making interchangeable jewellery
As the name suggests, with interchangeable jewellery you can easily change the beads on the piece of jewellery again and again. The absolute classics are interchangeable necklaces. You can fill these wire necklaces with a few beautiful beads and then put them on. This way you can wear a new colourful necklace every day.
But interchangeable rings are also very popular. You can put beads on the change stick and change the look of the ring again and again.

Video instructions on how to make a rigging knot
It is not only real sailors who appreciate the rigging knot. The knot is relatively easy to tie and can be used for key rings as well as for necklaces or bracelets. Take a look at the video right now and get inspired to make some knotted jewellery!

Video tutorials with tools from Beadalon
The company Beadalon is known for its diverse wires and stringing materials. But Beadalon also has a wide range of clever and useful tools in their assortment. Sometimes you don't realise until you watch the video how badly you actually need one or the other pair of pliers or bead stringer! So make your life easier or learn new jewellery techniques and check out the great how-to clips from Beadalon!

Video tutorial from ImpressArt
We're all about hand-stamped pendants, rings and bangles! ImpressArt produces everything you need for your new hobby. To show you how easy it is to learn how to stamp metal, ImpressArt has produced numerous video tutorials. Start with a video that shows the basic techniques of stamping with ImpressArt stamps. Then you can go straight on and learn how to stamp different pieces of jewellery. So how about a personalised ring or bangle? Take a look at a few ImpressArt videos right now!