Jewellery accessories

"Make your own jewellery" - that is the motto of Glücksfieber. To make your self-made jewellery perfect, you will not only find a large selection of different beads, but also the matching accessories for making your own jewellery. Whether you're looking for a clasp or jewellery wire for a necklace or elastic silicone ribbon for bracelets, chain pins and fishhooks for earrings or, of course, leather straps and rubber bands - you've come to the right place. We also offer many jewellery accessories in different qualities: Depending on whether you are planning a simple piece of jewellery or want to make a chain in artisan quality. We have everything you need to make your own jewellery.

The selection of different articles for making jewellery is huge. We would like to give you some important information about the different jewellery accessories, so that it will be easier for you to find the right material.

Before you buy jewellery accessories you should ask yourself the following questions. 1:
1. what kind of jewellery do you want to make? Do you want to make a necklace, a bracelet or maybe earrings? 2.
2. what kind of beads or pendants do you want to make? Size, shape or hole diameter are important criteria for choosing jewellery accessories.
3. are you planning only one piece of jewellery or do you want to make several jewellery projects? Depending on the project, a smaller packaging unit or a larger quantity may be worthwhile.
What tools do you need for your jewellery? Always remember that you might also need special pliers for your jewellery project!

Accessories for jewellery making from well-known manufacturers
In the field of accessories for jewellery there are several well-known manufacturers of high-quality materials and tools. Here we would like to introduce you to a few important manufacturers and their products:

Beadalon jewellery accessories
Beadalon is an American manufacturer of jewellery wire, modelling wire, threading yarn and jewellery tools. The most famous products of Beadalon are the jewellery wires for professional necklaces. Also very well known is the Artistic Wire by Beadalon. These are modelling wires with which you can bend great rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. Of course, Beadalon also offers a lot of suitable tools like pliers or bending forms.
If you like to make threaded jewellery, Beadlon Wildfire is your favourite thread. This extremely strong and thin thread offers you a lot of possibilities.

Griffin Jewellery Accessories

Griffin is a manufacturer of stringing materials and jewellery accessories of the highest quality with over 140 years of experience.
The company was founded in Schramberg/Germany and has been in continuous family ownership for 140 years. One of Griffin's top sellers are the elastic bands for bracelet making. You can find the elastic band in different diameters and different package sizes in our assortment.
Griffin is also well known for its professional beading silks and the matching accessories.

Hobby & Crafting Fun accessories in self-service bags
The name says it all with this manufacturer! Beautiful and inexpensive materials and tools for many areas of jewellery DIY! The special thing about these jewellery accessories is that everything is packed in practical units. The products are also very suitable for resellers. The assortment includes all products that belong in your basic equipment for your jewellery workshop!

ImpressArt jewellery accessories for metal stampingThe
American company ImpressArt produces everything you need to stamp metal jewellery.
You need metal stamps, hammers and stamp blocks. The metal punches are available with many different designs and fonts. Of course, ImpressArt not only produces the tools and stamps but also the matching stamp blanks for pendants, rings and bracelets. This way you can create very individual and customisable pieces of jewellery.

Jewellery accessories - these are the must-haves:
To ensure that your jewellery workshop is well equipped, we recommend a few important basics. You should always have these jewellery accessories to hand. Then you can get started immediately with many pieces of jewellery.
So this is the Top 10 of the most important jewellery accessories

1. clasps
Whether it's a necklace or a bracelet, you need a matching clasp for many pieces of jewellery. Surely you know lobster clasps. These practical clasps are easy to use and give chains and bracelets a good hold. These clasps come in many colours and sizes and go well with beads or link chains. If you are looking for a beautiful and easy to close clasp, a magnetic clasp is a good choice. Magnetic clasps are available with an eyelet or for gluing in. Take a look at the complete category "Closures". There you will find many different models. You will be surprised at the wide range of jewellery clasps.

2. binding rings and split ringsBinding rings
are real all-rounders


On the one hand, they are suitable as a counterpart for lobster clasps. But you can also use a binder ring as a fastener for a pendant. The application is simple. A binder ring works just as easily as a key ring.A split ring is especially good for connecting individual jewellery elements. You can easily open and close split rings with a split ring opener or flat nose pliers. You can find split rings and binder rings in our shop in many different sizes, shapes and colours.

3. crimp beads & lamination beadsIf

want to attach a clasp to a jewellery wire, you need a crimp bead


These small metal beads are pushed onto the wire and can be easily pressed together with pliers. The crimp beads will then sit firmly on the wire. In our basic instructions you will also find step-by-step instructions on how to use a crimp bead to attach a clasp to a jewellery wire.
In order to protect the crimp bead and to make the end of the necklace look nicer, you can also hide the crimp bead in a lamination bead. There are many different models available. Take a look at the lamination beads and find out everything about this topic!

4. end caps for ribbons and wiresThere
are a large number of different ribbons made of different materials and with different diameters


Of course, there is a matching end cap for each ribbon.
But how do the different end caps differ? One main difference is how you can use the end cap. There are solid end caps, usually made of stainless steel or zamak. These end caps are attached to a band with glue. Spiral end caps are also very popular. Here, the ribbon is pushed into the end cap and the lowest spiral is pressed firmly into the ribbon with pliers. You also need pliers for the end caps for folding. With these end caps, the tape is placed in the end cap and folded shut.
End caps usually have an eyelet. The clasp can then be attached to this eyelet.

5. earring accessoriesEarrings
are pieces of jewellery that you can easily make yourself


With the right accessories and tools you can do it in no time. The main thing you need is a fastener for the ear. There are various possibilities. There are fishhooks that you can hang directly in the ear hole and attach pendants to. Ear studs are put directly through the ear hole and attached to the ear lobe with the help of an ear stud stopper. Brisures are generally all earring attachments where a pin is inserted through the earlobe and this pin is then fixed to the ear with a hoop. Round creoles are also very popular at the moment.

6. chain pins and eye pinsChain pins

also called prism pins and are a very practical jewellery accessory


The thin metal pins are strong, but still bendable. They have a small metal plate on one side. This way you can put beads on the pins. The plate prevents the beads from slipping off the pin. You can bend the upper end of the pin into a loop with the help of rosary pliers. This way you can easily make pendants for earrings, necklaces or bracelets out of beads and chain pins.
Eye pins work on the same principle. Only instead of a plate, eye pins have an eyelet. They are especially good if you want to make an element that has an eyelet on both sides. You can use this for bracelet connectors or chain connectors.
You can find detailed instructions for both chain pins and eyelet pins in our shop.

7. adhesivesNot
all jewellery accessories can be worked with pliers


Sometimes you have to use an adhesive. A true all-rounder is the jewellery glue from Hasulith. If you need to work faster, it is always good to have a superglue at hand. There are, however, very special adhesives that are only suitable for a specific use. For example, rhinestone glue for gluing small rhinestone crystals into frames. Glossy Accents glue from Ranger Ink is also a special glue. With this glue you can glue motif sheets under glass cabochons.

8. key rings
Homemade key rings are very trendy. The most important ingredient is, of course, a matching key ring. But key rings are not only available in round shapes. There are also key rings in the shape of a flower or a star. As an alternative to a ring, you can also use key carabiners. You'll be surprised at the choice!

9. necklace loops and accessories for pendantsThese
little pieces are very practical! Collier loops or pendant holders can be used to attach large or small pendants to a chain or ribbon. The application is simple. You usually only need a pair of pliers. In our basic instructions for jewellery we show you how to attach a pendant to a loop. There are many different colours and shapes to choose from to make sure the pendant holder matches your pendant perfectly.

10 Tools & bead boards
The most important thing comes last in this Top 10! Without the right tools, most jewellery projects would not work. We recommend a few basics. In no case should a pair of pliers be missing from your jewellery toolbox. The three most important pliers are the flat nose pliers, the side cutter and the rosary pliers. You can find all three in our shop! Of course, a good pair of pliers is always useful. We also recommend a bead mat. This practical mat prevents the beads from rolling off the table while you are working. A bead board is also very helpful. With a bead board you can lay out your necklace design before you string the jewellery. We also have lots of special tools for many different jewellery projects.

Blanks for jewellery pieces

Are you looking for jewellery-making accessories for those in a hurry? Then take a look at the jewellery blanks! Jewellery blanks are semi-finished pieces of jewellery that only need a small addition to become the perfect piece of jewellery. Here is a brief overview of the most important blanks:

Ring blanksRing blanks


usually made of metal


The rings often have a setting on the ring rail. Glass cabochons or Preciosa crystals can be glued into this setting. But there are also ring bars that can be threaded with pearls.

Bangle blanks

Bangle blanks are semi-finished bangles that can be completed with beads or ribbons.
The bangle blanks can also have a setting so you can glue glass or polaris cabochons on them or preciosa chatons.
Chokers and necklaces

Chokers are necklaces made of metal.
They have clasps that are made so that a bead can be slipped over the clasp. The necklaces are available in flexible soft wire or rigid wire. You can easily fill the necklaces with beads. The best thing is that you can always change the beads on the necklace.
Necklaces can be made of different materials. They are the perfect complement to many pendants.

Blanks for engravings

Customisable pieces of jewellery with engravings are very trendy.
In order to be able to create your individual engravings or stamped messages, you need suitable blanks. The range is huge. You can engrave rings, pendants, bracelets, key rings and much more. Depending on the stamping or engraving technique, it is important to choose the right material. We have blanks for engraving in stainless steel, zamak, aluminium, brass, copper or alkeme on offer

Settings for cabochonsCabochons
are gemstones with a flat underside


This makes it easy to glue them into suitable settings. Matching cabochon settings are available for rings, ear studs, pendants or bracelets. Matching cabochons in many colours, shapes and materials can also be found in our shop!

Settings for Rivolis and ChatonsBring

little glitter into your life and create jewellery with rhinestones! The best known manufacturer of crystal stones is Preciosa. The sparkling stones are offered in many different shapes and sizes. So look carefully and always choose the right setting for your stone so that everything fits perfectly!

Packaging and jewellery stands
You have invested so much creativity, time and skill in your self-made pieces of jewellery, so they deserve a very special appearance! Whether at home on your chest of drawers or on your sales stand - a beautiful jewellery stand emphasises your jewellery pieces! But also if you want to sell or give away your homemade necklaces, bracelets and earrings, they deserve a beautiful packaging. Beautiful jewellery cards, cushion packaging or organza bags are a good choice for this.

Trend themes for jewellery accessories
There are always new developments and trends in the field of jewellery DIY. In our shop you will of course find everything on these topics: The right material and instructions! Currently we would like to highlight four trend themes:
1. stainless steel jewellery accessories - for all jewellery themes!
2. concrete style casting slip and accessories - for great pendants and cabochons in concrete look!
3. leather DIY - pendants, bracelets and key rings made of leather - easy to make yourself!
4. accessories for mobile phone cases - beautiful self-designed mobile phone cases to hang around your neck with sail rope or beads!

This could also be an exciting jewellery accessory for you:
Of course you can find many more jewellery accessories in our shop for different purposes and pieces of jewellery. Here are a few more great items, themes and ideas:

Bookmarks - Metal bookmarks with settings for cabochons or with eyelets for pendants. They are fun to make and the finished bookmarks always make a great gift!

Glasses holders - homemade glasses chains are not only popular in summer! No matter if sunglasses or reading glasses, with a homemade glasses chain made of beads or ribbons no glasses will get lost anymore!

Hair clips & brooches - Hair and collars can also be embellished with homemade! Besides beads and stones, you will of course find everything else in our shop!

Magnets - If you don't feel like making jewellery, you can also make your own fridge magnets! With settings, magnets and cabochons you can create little works of art!

Bottle openers - Self-madebottle openers are always a great gift, e.g. for Father's Day!

Tassels and feathers
- Tassels give necklaces or bracelets a great bohemian look.
You can find tassels in many sizes and colours in our range! But also feathers can embellish your piece of jewellery

Wire stars -

the classic at Christmas time are self-designed poinsettias.

With the wire stars it is very easy. Colourful and sparkling beads are strung onto the wire frame. A beautiful Christmas decoration!