Beads and Pendants

Take your time for things you love and discover our beautiful beads and pendants for jewellery making. In our online shop you will find a huge selection of beads in different shapes and colours. From preciosa to cultured pearls and polaris pearls. With the beautiful and affordable beads from Glücksfieber, jewellery making is no problem. To create your own personal jewellery with beads, you can use our extensive jewellery tutorials with ideas and instructions. Here we will explain everything you need to know for DIY with pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We want your homemade jewellery to look beautiful and last a long time. That's why we offer high quality beads from well-known manufacturers like Polaris, Preciosa and Miyuki at very reasonable prices. Beads for jewellery are a dime a dozen. We have the right beads for every taste. The best way to find out for yourself is to take your time and look around. You are sure to find the right beads. Under the tab "DIY instructions with this article" you will also find a few jewellery ideas for the respective bead.

With our huge selection of beads and pendants, it's easy to lose track of everything. For this reason, we would like to give you a rough overview of our range below.

Preciosa beads

The crystal glass beads are made with a high-precision cutting technique, which gives them an incredible faceting. The glass-cut beads and elements have a wonderful brilliance and are among the best on the market. Due to their unique cut, the light is caught directly in the surface of the preciosa bead and an unmistakable refraction of light is created. Thanks to these small glittering rhinestones you can make beautiful sparkling jewellery yourself.

In our shop you can buy different versions of these glass beads: Beads, double cones, various pendants and the unique Nacre Pearls. The bigger the selection of beads, the more jewellery ideas there are. In our ideas and instructions we show you, among other things, how you can make bracelets and necklaces with Preciosa beads yourself.

Multi-strand necklaces are especially popular. In our online magazine number 21 we show you how to make such necklaces yourself. For the design of this necklace the small bicones are perfect. The glass beads make your self-made necklace sparkle with the sun. Have you already had a look at our creative ideas? A quick look is guaranteed to be worthwhile.

Buy Polaris beads

Polaris beads are beautiful polyester beads. Thanks to a secret ingredient, they have an unmistakable sheen. In our assortment you can order the beads with different surface effects, such as matt or shiny. We have also made sure that we offer you a wide variety of shapes: Spheres, cubes, rollers, discs or hemispheres - there's bound to be something to suit your taste.

We get our Polaris beads directly from the producer in Italy. This is the only way we can guarantee that you will receive original and high-quality articles. As with all the other items in our shop, we are constantly expanding our range of Polaris beads.

You can use the Polaris beads for necklaces or bracelets. The advantage of these beads is that they are very light and comfortable to wear. By wearing the Polaris beads they become more and more beautiful. You can see this especially well with the matt Polaris beads. The longer you wear them, the more beautiful and deeper the respective colour tone becomes.

Besides the classic Polaris beads, you can also get different Polaris cabochons from us. We present a few jewellery ideas here. Is there perhaps a suitable jewellery idea for you?

Metal beads and pendants

There is hardly anything that is better suited for homemade jewellery than metal beads. Metal beads and pendants give every piece of jewellery that certain something. In the category metal beads and pendants you will find a large variety of spacers, bead caps, pendants and beads in different shapes, such as peace signs, stars or hearts.

The quality of our products is very important to us. That is why we carefully select the producers of the beads and work closely with them. For the most part, we sell items that are produced in Germany or the rest of Europe. This gives us the certainty that the articles comply with European regulations and production techniques.

So that you can also make yourself many different coloured pieces of jewellery, you can order the metal beads in gold-plated, silver-plated and bronze-coloured from us. Many jewellery ideas for these beads are also waiting for you in our ideas and instructions.

Miyuki Rocailles and Delica beads

Who doesn't find Miyuki Rocailles and Delica Perlenies simply indescribably beautiful? Of course you can also buy these fine quality beads from Japan. The beads are available in different shapes, colours and surface effects. Especially popular are the Delica beads. These are particularly uniform, cylindrical seed beads, which are especially suitable for bead threading.

The Rocailles beads are in no way inferior to the other Miyuki beads. You can make your own bracelets with them. Take a look at our ideas for jewellery with Rocailles and let yourself be enchanted.

Letter beads

Letter beads are beads with the shape of letters or with a letter imprint. You can buy the whole alphabet as beads. In addition, we also offer various punctuation marks and numbers for sale. You can choose between acrylic beads and metal beads or stainless steel beads with letters. The choice is yours, so be brave and get creative. With the letter beads, you can make your own personalised jewellery in the future. Create a name bracelet or a name necklace. You can also find ideas for your letter jewellery in our shop.

The combination of Polaris beads and acrylic letter beads is a real eye-catcher. Such bracelets are perfect for making friendship bracelets yourself. Wouldn't you like to surprise your best friend with it and give him or her a little joy? It's really not difficult at all and can be done in no time at all.

Buy Miracle Beads

Miracles happen all the time. Our Miracle beads are also simply wonderful. The small, colourful beads get their magical look from the special manufacturing process. The core of these beads consists of a plastic bead which is coated in silver. Then several layers of lacquer are applied during the production process. These layers of lacquer are reflected in the base layer of silver, which gives the bead a special depth. This creates the magical impression that there is another pearl inside this pearl. Indescribably beautiful - don't you think?

However, there is one small thing you should bear in mind when using Miracle pearls. As the surface consists of several layers of lacquer, they may react with cosmetics, perfumes or sweat when they come into contact with the skin. In rare cases, this can lead to the paint being released onto the skin or clothing.

Plastic and polymer clay beads and animal figurines

We love Tiny Food and animal figurines. So why shouldn't we make our own jewellery out of these things? In our assortment you will find many different polymer clay figures and Tiny Food figures which you can use for homemade jewellery. Furthermore, we also offer you a large variety of different animal figures and comic figures. You can make the cutest earrings, rings and bracelets yourself.

In our jewellery idea "Tiny Food sugar-sweet summer jewellery" we have put together a few jewellery ideas suitable for summer. When you wear this jewellery, it will definitely attract attention and envious glances. Instead of eating ice cream, you can dangle it from your ear in the form of a Tiny Food earring. You have to admit that this is a really funny idea, isn't it?

Buy wooden elements and wooden beads

Our wooden beads and wooden elements are a real all-rounder. You can make many beautiful pieces of jewellery and also home decoration yourself. The colourful wooden beads and pendants are without question suitable for every age group. In our DIY online magazine number 43, we show you how you can quickly make great geometric wooden bead jewellery. You can browse the magazine online here.

Katsuki beads

In the future you can create colourful and bright bracelets with our Katsuki beads. You decide on the colour and shape of your bracelet. You can combine the Katsuki beads with metal pendants, polaris beads or even letter beads. There are no limits to your imagination. The combination with tassels is also a very funny idea. For inspiration, check out our ideas for bracelets with Katsuki beads. Your personal bracelet is already waiting for you here. Quickly order all the items you need with the DIY-with-one-click system and start your jewellery project.

Glass facet beads Glass beads

Our glass facet beads are an affordable alternative to Preciosa beads. You can order the glittering glass beads in many different colours. You can also choose between double cones, rounds or drops. You can make about two complete bracelets from one strand. These jewellery instructions can help you to design your future homemade bracelet.

If you are a little romantic, you should definitely have a look at the bracelet with glass facetted rondelles Jet. The combination of a golden metal pendant in the shape of a heart and the glass facetted beads in the colour jet is really something to behold. The elastic band makes it easy to pull the finished bracelet over your wrist. By the way, homemade bracelets also make wonderful gifts.

Buy gemstone beads

Gemstones come in a huge variety of shapes and colours. You will find a small selection of these beautiful stones in our shop. You can make your own very special jewellery from gemstones. Gemstones are available as pendants, cabochons, beads or recently also as hematite beads. The gemstone beads will make your homemade jewellery look very natural.

In our ideas for bracelets with gemstones we show you how your bracelet could look like. We especially like the combination of different coloured gemstone beads with metal beads in gold or silver. Which variation do you like best?

Mother-of-pearl pendants and coins

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our mother-of-pearl pendants and coins. Mother-of-pearl is made from an inner layer of shells. You can get the mother-of-pearl elements in different shapes and coloured. With the help of these mother-of-pearl elements you can create your own necklaces, bracelets and earrings. If you listen carefully, you might even hear the sea in them.

You can order the mother-of-pearl pendants with many different motifs. From animals to maritime symbols, there really is everything here. You can also choose between the colours gold and silver. What more could you want?

You can use the mother-of-pearl coins, also called bracelet connectors, to separate the beads of your self-made bracelet from each other. This makes your bracelet look much more exciting. We have a few ideas for you so that you can also imagine this.

We hope that we have been able to give you a small overview of the possibilities of making your own jewellery. Just have a look around our homepage and discover more categories. Maybe you will start right now with the accessories for homemade jewellery. We wish you lots of fun while browsing and would be happy to receive an order from you soon.