Polaris Elements

Beautiful beads with a secret ingredient for the unmistakable shine. These beads and elements are made in an Italian manufactory. Much handmade and with the long experience of a family-run business. Glücksfieber

Polaris Elements

Polaris Elements

Polaris beads are beautiful beads made of polyester which is supplemented with a secret ingredient - this is how the unmistakable shine is created. Polaris beads are very light and comfortable to wear. Especially the matt Polaris beads become more and more beautiful by wearing them: the longer the beads have skin contact, the more beautiful and deeper the colour becomes.

In our internet shop you will find one of the largest assortments of Polaris beads.

Polaris shapes

The basic material for the Polaris beads are rods or plates. The different Polaris shapes are created with a cutter or a laser. The most popular shape is the spheres. However, the Polaris material can also be made into many other shapes, such as cubes, rollers, discs, hemispheres or cabochons.

Polaris surface effects
You can choose from different surface effects. The most popular are matte poalis beads. These beads have the special feature that they change when worn. Through constant contact with the skin, the pearls gradually take on a more and more intense lustre, making your piece of jewellery more and more beautiful.
For the impatient, we also offer the polaris beads directly with a shiny polished surface.

Polaris types
Besides the classic Polaris basic material there are also some variations. With the Polaris sweet beads, for example, sugar is worked into the base material. This gives the beads their characteristic grainy structure. The Polaris gala sweet beads and the Polaris sassi beads with their speckled surface are also very popular.

Where do Polaris pearls come from?
We are one of the world's leading direct importers of Polaris Elements. We only buy our beads directly from the producer. We only carry the high quality original Polaris beads from Italy. Our Polaris assortment is constantly being expanded - you will find the latest Polaris novelties in our shop. Polaris stands for quality craftsmanship from Italy

What is the best way to combine Polaris beads?
Combine the Polaris beads with metal beads, glass beads or Preciosa for colourful homemade jewellery. Polar beads are suitable for bracelets, earrings or necklaces. They are light and available in many colours and therefore match almost all other beads.

Can there be colour variations in Polaris beads?
Polaris beads can occasionally have colour variations, slight changes in shape, marbling and surface texture due to the way they are made.
This is mainly due to the way the beads are made. The base material for the beads is polyester with a secret ingredient for shine. This basic material is cast by hand into rods or plates. Then the material is shaped into the desired form with the help of milling machines or lasers. A lot of manual labour is also used in this step.

Like the basic material, the finished beads, pendants and cabochons are first white and then coloured by hand. As this process is done entirely by hand, there may be differences in colour from product batch to batch. Even if we reorder the same shade, small differences in temperature or exposure time will cause colour variations.

In the final step, the beads are polished. This serves to remove excess colour and to improve the surface. Nevertheless, in the case of strong polaris colours such as "Siam Red" or "Black", there may still be fine particles of colour on the pearls. Please do not wear these jewels on light coloured garments. The fine colour abrasion could stain the clothing!
The Polaris beads are exclusively produced by a European company. The characteristics described apply to all original Polaris beads.
Polaris beads are not beads that always look the same. If you buy beads in the same colour in different shapes and sizes, the colours may look different. This is due to the size of the surface of the beads. With smaller beads, colours can appear more intense.

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