Slider beads and sliding beads

Here you can buy many different slider be ads and slider beads to create wide leather bracelets. In our online shop you will find numerous ideas and instructions for making your own jewellery. A lot of love goes into each of these jewellery ideas. A wonderful idea for homemade jewellery is the bracelet with slider beads. We would like to introduce you to the slider beads and bracelets that you can use for this in more detail below. You will find that making your own bracelets is not difficult at all. Homemade should not be perfect, but real.

Slider beads got their name because you can slide the beads onto wide ribbons. If you use our leather bracelets or our locking screws, you can always change the beads on the bracelet. This way you can always adapt your self-made slider bead bracelet individually to your outfit. We offer the sliders in different surfaces, patterns and sizes. You can order all these beads in our online shop:

Slider beads for 10 mm bands silver plated.

You can see the whole range of our silver plated slider beads for leather straps here. You can use them to embellish your leather strap. For every imaginable occasion we offer you a suitable slider. For example, you can buy slider beads in the shape of letters or numbers. You can use them to make bracelets with your name or the name of your best friend. Have you ever thought about making a friendship bracelet for your girlfriend? She will definitely be very happy about it!
Of course, you can also make nautical leather bracelets. This will make you feel especially close to the sea. Simply use a slider with an anchor or a slider bead with a small fish on it. What more could you want? The silver slider beads are also available with Buddhist symbols, flowers or many other beautiful patterns. Take your time and look around. The selection is truly phenomenal.

Slider beads for 10 mm ribbons gold plated

Some people prefer gold. Are you one of them? Then you should definitely take a look at our gold-plated slider beads for leather straps. Just like the silver-plated slider beads, you can easily slide them onto the leather bracelet of your choice and replace them at any time.
The slider beads with a setting for cabochons are particularly popular. You can see the glass cabochons and motif sheets that are suitable here and of course order them directly. If you need help gluing in the glass cabochons, take a look at our basic technique "Gluing a cabochon into a slider with a setting". Here we explain step by step what you need to consider when gluing in the glass cabochons.
We love the combination of gold and glitter. With the help of our Swarovski Elements beads and the gold slider beads with setting for Preciosa Rivoli and Chatons we found a way to make bracelets out of them ourselves. Your self-made bracelet with sliding beads will sparkle with the sun. The sparkling rhinestones can be glued into the sliders with Hasulith jewellery glue. Find out how it works in detail here. Have you already decided on a golden bead?

Leather bracelets for slider beads

Of course you can't make a bracelet with slider beads without a matching leather bracelet. That's why you can buy the matching leather bracelets in our online shop. You can order the leather straps in different designs, colours and patterns. The most popular are our Milano leather bracelets for slider beads. The leather bracelets are already finished and can be put directly around your wrist. You can decide whether you want to wear a single or a double bracelet. Small tip: On a double leather bracelet there is more space for slider beads.

If you would also like to make the leather bracelet yourself, you can order the "raw" leather strap in the category bands with 10mm width for slider beads. This has to be finished with a rivet and a leather strap loop. The advantage of this is that you can decide the length of the leather bracelet yourself and it will fit perfectly around your wrist. You don't have to be afraid that you won't be able to make your own leather bracelet. In our jewellery tutorial "Make your own leather bracelet for sliding beads" we help you with our step-by-step instructions on how to make it yourself.

Go on safari with our animal print leather bracelets for slider beads. You can also order our Polaris Cabochon Animalprint and glue it into the slider bead with setting for glass cabochons. Your personal adventure can begin. Are you ready for it?

Closure for bracelets with slider

To make sure you don't lose your bracelet with sliders, you need a matching clasp. In our category Clasps and End Caps you can choose a clasp. Here you can choose between classic magnetic cl asps or a hook clasp that already contains a recess for Swarovski stones. You literally kill two birds with one stone. The leather strap can easily be glued into the respective clasp with Hasulith Hasufix instant glue.

To help you create your leather strap, you can use our tutorial "Making a wide leather bracelet with sliders and clasp". Just like the rest of our basic techniques, we show you how to make your own bracelets with pictures and step-by-step instructions. One thing we know for sure: making bracelets is a lot of fun. The best thing is to see for yourself.

With an end cap you can make beautiful key rings from a leather strap, sliders and a key ring. The end cap prevents the slider beads from slipping off the ribbon and also creates a nice finish at the end of the ribbon. So if you thought that you could only make bracelets yourself with sliding beads, you were wrong.

Screwsscrew elements

Instead of the sliding beads, you can also use our Screws screw elements for a homemade keyring. These screw elements consist of two parts: the Screws screw and the Screws top. Thanks to the screw element, the upper part is always in the right place and there is no danger of it slipping.

Make your own sliding beads bracelet

So far we have only presented all the accessories for 10 mm leather bracelets. Now we would like to introduce you to the accessories for 8mm leather bracelets. As a basis for these bracelets you can order the Berlin leather bracelets for slider beads in our shop. Just like the other leather bracelets in our range, you can buy this one in many different colours. However, the Berlin leather bracelets are only available in double and not in single version.

Once you have chosen the right leather strap, all you need to do is order the matching beads. You can see the full range of shapes and patterns here. We hope you will find something suitable. But actually that shouldn't be a problem with the large selection. We think it's especially nice to use three sliding beads for these leather bands. One sliding bead on the upper band and the other two on the lower part of the band. That looks simply beautiful. What do you think?

Minsilder and 5 mm leather straps

If you have rather petite wrists and the other leather bands are too wide for you, you can use our 5mm Craft Leather Band. For these bands you will need our mini slider beads. These small slider beads are available in silver and gold plated. Have you ever tried to combine silver slider beads with gold plated ones?

Discover slider beads in our online magazines

Slider beads are incredibly popular. That's why we have published a whole magazine with these famous beads. The DIY online magazine number 36 "Slider beads" contains many jewellery ideas and instructions around the topic of slider beads. Besides the already mentioned ideas for slider bead bracelets, you can also find an idea for homemade rings made of slider beads. Take your time for things you love and browse through the online magazine. You will be fascinated. But beware: there is a risk of infection.

In our online magazine number 44 the sliding beads appear again. Here we show you how to make beautiful ethnic jewellery with our Micro Slider Beads for Verlour Leather Strap. So there are many possibilities to use the slider beads for homemade jewellery. If you still need some inspiration or want to see what kind of jewellery you can make yourself, don't miss our jewellery tutorials. We wish you the best of luck with your DIY.