Here you will find everything for the key to your home! Are you looking for a nice gift - for a loved one or for yourself? How about some homemade key rings from our new "Home Sweet Home" collection? Take some time and we'll introduce you to all the new items and keyring ideas!

Engraved spacers for 10 mm sail rope
The absolute classic among sailropekey rings: key rings with silver-plated spacers made of high-quality zamak. Produced in Europe and lovingly engraved by us in our Glücksfieber manufactory in Lübeck! All motifs have been designed for you by our Glücksfieber design team. All you have to do is find your favourite motif and combine it with a 10 mm diameter sail rope and a key ring. And then it's home sweet home for you too: Home sweet home!
We also have packaging to match the motifs on the spacers. We have postcards with matching transparent flap bag and cushion packaging in our shop.

Engraved end caps for 10 mm sail rope
The classic number two among sailropekey rings: silver-plated end caps made of high-quality zamak for sail rope key rings. The end caps are also produced in Europe and lovingly engraved by us in our Glücksfieber manufactory in Lübeck! All you have to do is add the matching sail rope in your favourite colour and a key ring. Of course, your favourite place can also be quite colourful. That's why the colourful key ring carabiners are certainly something for you! These motifs of our key rings with sailing rope can also be combined very nicely with the postcards and bags or cushion packaging!

Small spacers for 5 mm rope with engraving
If you like it a little more delicate, the small spacers designed and engraved by us are the right choice! They are perfect for sail rope with a diameter of 5 mm. You can use one spacer for your keyring or combine several small spacers. We have engraved the small keyring connectors with beautiful motifs. The right motif for every key in your home! We also recommend long key chains with engraved spacers. This way you can always wear your key around your neck and have your hands free!

Small end caps for 5 mm rope with engraving
Small, cute and now also with coloured key carabiners! Our heart beats for the small key rings with engraved end caps. Our Glücksfieber design team has also created beautiful motifs for the small end caps. We have engraved everything beautifully for you. You can combine the small end caps for key rings perfectly with 5 mm diameter sail rope. The small key rings also go well with our jewellery boxes!

Engraved stainless steel charms
Here comes a new idea for key rings: beautiful stainless steel charms freshly engraved from the Glücksfiebermanufaktur. We have engraved beautiful rectangular stainless steel char ms in the size 16 x 38 mm for you. Again, all on the theme of "Home Sweet Home". This way you can give the key to your favourite place a special pendant. The key ring becomes a special piece of jewellery when you combine it with a matching pendant. That's why we have selected some beautiful metal and stainless steel pendants for you: keys, locks, hearts, flowers or angels! We find the engraved pendants especially beautiful together with the colour gold.

Packaging and gift wrapping for key rings
This packaging will give your lovingly handmade items of art a special appearance! Cards and transparent flap bags or beautiful cushion packaging. Depending on whether you want to see what's in the packaging straight away or whether you want it to be a surprise!
The postcards are printed with sayings on the theme of "Home Sweet Home". Make your own key ring as a simple gift. Put the card in a flap bag and just add the key ring. You have a professionally packaged keyring. The packaging is particularly suitable if you want to sell your key ring. Your sail exchange key ring will be an eye-catcher in your shop or on your market stall.
Giving a gift is also much more fun with beautiful packaging. The cushion packaging printed with sayings on the theme of "Home Sweet Home" is the ideal gift packaging for sail exchange key rings. Everyone will be happy about this extra detail - no matter whether the key ring is bought or given as a gift!

Make your own key rings - DIY with a click
If we've whetted your appetite for some key rings, then take a look at our theme world under "Home Sweet Home DIY with a click". Here you'll find lots of lovely keyring projects - complete with materials list and instructions! The great thing about Glücksfieber "DIY with one click" is that you can see all the materials for your jewellery project on a shopping list and add them to your basket with just one click. We suggest suitable alternatives for each item. So you can easily change the motif of your spacer or the colour of the sail before you put everything in the shopping cart!

Home Sweet Home key rings made of sail rope or with stainless steel charms are always a good choice to give as a gift or to enjoy yourself.