Everything you need for cabochon jewelry: cabochons, settings, motif sheets and glue


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With us you can buy beautiful cabochons. Are you already in a state of happiness and busy making your own jewellery? There is really nothing better than being able to make your own jewellery. And jewellery making is also a lot of fun. Cabochon jew ellery is particularly popular in the DIY sector. So that you can also make this beautiful jewellery yourself in the future, we would like to explain to you below what exactly you can make with cabochon jewellery. You can be curious. Numerous ideas and instructions await you.

Cabochons are a real classic in jewellery design. In our online shop you will find a huge selection of classic cabochons in all kinds of shapes and colours. The cabochons from this category can easily be glued into the settings for cabochons and ring bars. To make sure that nothing goes wrong when gluing them in, you can take a look at our DIY instructions "Gluing a cabochon in a setting". Here we show you step by step how to glue the cabochon into the setting.

Transparent glass cabochons
cabochons are one of the most popular and widely used cabochons on the market. The glass cabochons are perfect for motif sheets. With the help of these cabochons and the motif sheets, you can make wonderful earrings yourself, for example. In our DIY Online Magazine number 32 you will find a wide variety of ideas for jewellery with glass cabochons. The best thing is to take a look at it and let yourself be inspired to make your own. You will be surprised at the possibilities of making your own personal jewellery.
If you want to make your own glass cabochon jewellery for the first time, we will briefly explain in this jewellery instruction how to glue the glass cabochons onto the motif sheet and then into the corresponding setting. It is especially important to choose the right glue for each step. Of course you can order the glue for cabochons here.
The glass cabochons are also available with a printed maritime motif. You can order these printed glass cabochons in a mix. This is a random mix of 10 different cabochons. Have a look at them.

Wooden cabochons
With wooden cabochons you feel a bit closer to nature. With these cabochons, too, it was important to us that you can choose between many different motifs and colours. As with all the other cabochons in our range, you can also order the wooden cabochons in different diameters. We personally think the wooden cabochon with the anchor motif is beautiful. You can use it to make a nautical necklace, for example. How do you like this necklace?

Flower cabochons
What suits spring better than colourful flowers? Awaken spring fever and create your own personal cabochon jewellery with flower cabochons. In this category you will find many different types of flowers in all imaginable colours. Which is your favourite colour? The flower cabochons are made of plastic or resin.

Polaris cabochons are cabochons made of polyester. The polyester is supplemented with a secret ingredient, which creates an unmistakable shine. In our online shop you can buy many round or square cabochons of Polaris Elements. An absolute highlight are the Polaris jewellery discs. These are available exclusively from us. Whether plain, glittering or printed - we have thought of all tastes. With the Polaris Cabochons Animal Print you can create beautiful jewellery. Start your safari with your personal leather wrap bracelet. All you need is a leather strap with animal print, a slider setting for cabochons and of course the matching Polaris cabochon. Glue the cabochon in place - pull the slider onto the bracelet - put the bracelet around your wrist - and you're ready to make your very own animal print leather bracelet. You can see more great jewellery ideas here.

Polymer Clay Cabochons
Tiny Food is the absolute hit at the moment. Everyone knows and loves these little miniature figures. With the Fimo Cabochons you can always carry your favourite food with you. Are you wondering how it works? It's simple: You make Tiny Food earrings.
All you need are two polymer clay cabochons of your choice, two ear studs with the matching counterpart and our super glue. Once you have everything you need, you're ready to go: First, carefully apply some glue to the back of the cabochons. Now you can place the plate of the ear studs on the glue. After the ear studs have dried, you can put the stoppers on the ear studs and your earrings are ready.
Making your own Tiny Food earrings really is child's play, isn't it? You can take a closer look at the detailed jewellery instructions for these earrings with pictures here. What do you think? We look forward to your feedback.

Miniature Food Cabochons
In addition to the polymer clay figures, we also have other miniature figures for you to choose from. From cute little animal figurines to delicious looking cake pieces, there really is something for everyone. Sometimes you just have to make original jewellery, don't you think? Jewellery with miniature cabochons is definitely an eye-catcher. Have you ever thought about making a ring with a cute squeaking duck? In our jewellery idea ring with glass ball and duck we show you how such a ring can look like. Maybe you know someone who might like this ring.
Homemade jewellery makes an excellent gift. Just give it a try.

Resin Cabochons
Would you like to live a more multifaceted life in the future? Then start by making multi-faceted jewellery. The resin cabochons have a diameter of 12mm and are faceted on the front. On the back, these inexpensive cabochons are flat so you can easily glue them into their setting. Have you already checked whether your favourite colour is included?

Gemstone Cabochons

For beautiful and natural jewellery you can use our gemstone cabochons. Is there anything more natural than gemstones? The small round cabochons are available with a diameter of 12 mm and 10 mm. We offer many different types of gemstones. Rose quartz is a particularly popular gemstone. Do you already have a jewellery idea for this beautiful cabochon in mind? Here you can have a look at all our gemstone cabochons.

Cabochon settings

We have already explained to you how to glue the cabochons into the respective settings. Now we would like to give you a small overview of the different settings for cabochons.

The choice of settings is unbelievably large. You can make so many different pieces of jewellery with cabochons. There are hair clips and brooches with settings for cabochons and even bookmarks for cabochons. Maybe you need a bookmark for the book you are reading?

The classic settings, however, include earrings, bangles and pendants with settings for cabochons. Have you ever made a necklace with cabochons or cabochon earrings yourself? If not, it's high time you did. In our DIY Online Magazine 32 you will find inspiration for your personal jewellery project. We wish you lots of success.