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Making jewellery yourself is a lot of fun and not difficult at all. But sometimes it's also nice to buy a ready-made piece of jewellery. That's why you'll also find some off-the-peg jewellery in our shop. Choose jewellery, order it, get it delivered and wear it right away!
How do I choose the right piece of jewellery for me?
In the field of costume jewellery there are some classics that will accompany you for years and will be a pleasure to wear on different occasions. Some trends are a little more short-lived and may only be with you for a season. In any case, our jewellery is well selected by us, of high quality and comes mostly from small European companies.

A few tips for you on how to find the right piece of jewellery for you:

1. silver or gold - which suits me better?
The best thing to do is to look in your jewellery box first. Do you see more gold or silver jewellery? This usually answers the question. If the ratio is balanced, you are more the type to wear your jewellery in bicolour. But your favourite colours in your wardrobe can also be a clue. Do you tend to wear cooler shades of blue? Then silver jewellery suits you very well! Do you prefer warm shades of pink or brown? Then golden jewellery suits you better! Do you have clothes in neutral grey or black in your wardrobe? Then you can combine all jewellery colours depending on your mood!

Am I more of a stud earring or dangle earring type?
Do I prefer delicate stud earrings or eye-catching earrings? The choice of the right ear jewellery depends on your outfit and the occasion. Small stud earrings are rather inconspicuous, but still round off your outfit in a pleasant way. Stud earrings often come in classic shapes. The most popular ear studs are small pearl ear studs or small rhinestone ear studs. But small metal ear studs in geometric shapes also look chic. With a cute stud earring with a paw or an anchor, you can show what's important to you right away.
If it doesn't have to be so formal or inconspicuous, earrings are a good choice. The bigger the better and the more colourful the better is the motto here!

Can you wear too many rings at once?
When it comes to rings, we have a collecting instinct! Finger rings come in countless shapes and colours. Every finger is suitable to be adorned with a ring. There are also rings that you can wear on your wrist! You see, with so many possibilities, it would be a shame to wear just one ring! Our tip: Combine a large, eye-catching ring with several small rings in matching colours and themes!

4. bracelets - not only a topic for women!
When it comes to arm jewellery, equality reigns! Many bangles or bracelets can be worn by both men and women. It doesn't matter whether it's a single bracelet or several bangles. With a beautiful piece of jewellery on your arm, you make your outfit complete!

5. always new - combine fashion jewellery cleverlySomething
old and something new, something monochrome and something colourful? If you take a look at your jewellery collection, you're bound to have a few great pieces. You can mix and match bracelets, necklaces and rings every day. You can easily mix and match plain or monochrome jewellery. They are also a great support for a particularly large or eye-catching piece of jewellery such as a ring or necklace. You can also combine your jewellery according to a certain theme. For example, how about putting together a ring, necklace and bracelet with floral motifs. Another nice idea is to wear jewellery with a maritime theme and combine ear studs with anchors with a necklace with fish pendants and a ring with a starfish. What would be your favourite motto?

What types of ear jewellery are there?
Not all ear jewellery is the same. Depending on the size, shape and doctor of attachment to the ear, there are different names for the jewellery. So what is which earring?

1. ear studAn
ear stud is a piece of jewellery for the ear
An ear stud has a thin pin that is put through the ear hole and closed on the back with an ear stud stopper. This holds the ear stud securely in place on the ear. The front of the ear stud can have different designs or be made of different materials. There are stud earrings with small settings for rhinestones or with cultured pearls. Some stud earrings also have beautiful metal fronts in geometric shapes, hearts or with animal motifs. Stud earrings come in different colours and materials such as zamak or stainless steel.

2. ear pendantAn ear
pendant is ear jewellery that is hooked onto the earlobe and then hangs down from
the ear.
Earrings have the shape of a long hook that is put through the ear hole. Fishermen's hooks, for example, are particularly well known. The hook usually has an eyelet to which the actual jewellery part of the earring is attached. This pendant can be a small, simple pearl or a large, eye-catching pendant. In any case, the earring swings freely on the ear.

3. hoopsChoops
are the absolute classics among the jewellery for
the ear.
You may also know them as "hoops" or "creoles". Creoles are round ring-shaped earrings. They are either completely closed or have a ¾ shape. In either case, they have a thin pin. This is inserted through the earlobe. Either this pin is closed with an ear stud stopper or with a small hoop that is attached to the creole. Creoles can be small in diameter or so large that they reach almost to the shoulders. Creoles do not have to be round. There are also oval or square creoles. You can also find creoles in different designs, colours and materials in our shop!

4. ear clipsEar clips
are small round earrings that are worn on the pinna of the ear
You don't need pierced ear holes for a barrette. Earwires are clipped to the pinna of the ear. Unlike classic earrings, earwires are not usually worn in pairs. You can also find ear clips in different designs and colours in our shop.

Rings - beautifully adorned all the way to your fingertips!
Finger rings are pieces of jewellery that are worn on the finger. Rings can be worn on any finger. Nowadays it is also trendy to wear rings on the knuckles. This way you can wear many rings at once and combine them. Rings come in many different shapes. They can have a setting and be decorated with stones, cabochons or pearls. There are two types of rings: Either rings have a fixed base ring and a fixed ring size or they have an open ring band and can be adjusted in size.

Arm jewellery - beautiful bangles and braceletsYou
can adorn
arm with different pieces of jewellery
You can choose between bangles and bracelets.

or bangles are made of metal and have a solid shape
They can also have settings for preciosa stones or chatons. They can be completely closed and are then pulled over the hand onto the wrist. They can also have an open shape and then be clipped directly onto the wrist.

BraceletsBracelets come in
an infinite number of variations
The most important feature to distinguish them is whether the bracelet has a clasp or not. Bracelets without a clasp are strung on elastic. This has the advantage that the bracelets can be pulled directly over the wrist. Elastic bracelets are usually made of beads.
Bracelets with a clasp have to be opened and closed so that they can be placed around the wrist. Closures can be magnetic clasps, carabiners or toggle clasps. The bracelets can be made of canvas or leather strap or of beads strung on jewellery wire.

Necklaces- highlights for your neckNecklaces
are a real eye-catcher for your neck. They make every outfit complete. Necklaces can be small and elegant. For example, a simple link chain with a beautiful pendant. But they can also be large and opulent.
In our shop you will find beautiful stainless steel necklaces with beautiful pendants. You can choose from many themes and motifs for the pendants. You are guaranteed to find a new favourite piece.

Which metal is suitable for costume jewellery?
Costume jewellery can be made of different materials. In this section you will mainly find costume jewellery made of metal. The jewellery is mainly made of two metals:
Stainless steelStainless steel
is popular and very durable


It is very durable and does not tarnish. Stainless steel jewellery is mainly made in China. Stainless steel is suitable for all types of jewellery from earrings to necklaces.
is a metal alloy and is mainly produced in Europe
Zamak can be melted and cast into different shapes. This has the advantage that zamak can be used for almost any type of costume jewellery.