Did you know that you can not only create your own jewellery with our help? We also have many different ideas for homemade key rings, mobile phone chains or decoration.

You already know the basic materials and techniques from making your own jewellery. Take a look around in this category and let yourself be inspired to some new creative ideas.

Key rings
Our key rings in particular are a real feast for the eyes and go down well with young and old alike. Whether it's a maritime key ring made of sail rope or a simple key ring made of leather, we have thought of all tastes.

Key chains
If you prefer to wear your keys around your neck, we have something for you too. You can also make a key ring out of a sail part with a long loop. This way you can hang your key around your neck. We also have great engraved spacers in our range. This makes your self-made key chain an individual eye-catcher.

Mobile phone chains
But it's not just your key that you can wear around your neck. Your mobile phone will also love a homemade key chain. You can find rope and many beads that you can use to make your own mobile phone chains in our shop.

Napkin rings
You can also extend your love of homemade items and beads to your dining table. We have a great tutorial for homemade napkin rings made of beads and modelling wire. Depending on your taste, you can use coloured or plain beads and wire.

Create a beautiful atmosphere in your home with a homemade lantern! You can find basic instructions for the lanterns in our shop. You can also buy all the materials you need, such as beads, modelling wire and leatherette ribbon, directly from us.

Have fun browsing and discovering our ideas for homemade accessories and home decoration.