You can resell all print products from our store, e.g. you can use our motif sheets to make jewelry and resell them.

It is not allowed to copy or otherwise duplicate our print products.

Print - The Glücksfieber Print Workshop

You need DIY instructions and DIY magazines? Welcome to the print workshop of Glücksfieber. Here you can not only buy the accessories to make your own jew ellery, but also receive numerous jewellery ideas and instructions. Because for us, your satisfaction comes first. No wish should remain unfulfilled. You can view the ideas and instructions free of charge online on our homepage or have them delivered to your home in the form of our DIY print magazines, Glücksfieber book or the basic instructions.

But that's not all. In our print workshop, we not only print ideas and instructions, but also motif sheets, decorative cards and stickers. We have really thought of everything. Your next jewellery project is already planned from start to finish. All you have to do is pick out your favourite jewellery instructions and add the items you need to your shopping basket using the DIY one-click system. We will then help you with the design with our step-by-step instructions.

Buy DIY Print Magazines

A lot of love goes into our DIY Print Magazines. In each of our regular DIY magazines, we introduce you to a specific DIY idea for a variety of jewellery pieces. Each individual DIY magazine has a different theme. From nautical key rings to macramé bracelets, we've already done quite a few. We try to cover a wide range to make sure that all our customers are happy.

If you prefer to view our magazines with the DIY instructions online, you can of course do so for free on our homepage. All DIY print magazines can also be found here as DIY online magazines to browse through.

Order offset print motif sheets

In our online shop you can order the motif sheets for your glass cabochons in different sizes. You can also choose between a round and an oval motif. From maritime, to Christmas, to football motifs, there is something for everyone. Just have a look around and tell us if you have found a nice motif.

To make your cabochon jewellery really beautiful and special, there are a few things to consider. The choice of glue and the correct sequence are very important. To make sure nothing goes wrong, you should take a look at our basic technique "Gluing glass cabochons". Here we also show you what you need to consider if you use your own motifs. You can buy the matching glass cabochons here.

Jewellery cards for DIY gifts

Making your own gifts has never been so easy! To give your friends or family a little joy, you can give them your homemade jewellery as a gift. Of course, DIY gifts also need to be presented beautifully. For this purpose you can use our jewellery cards. You can find the jewellery cards in square form or as a rectangle in the shape of a business card. Which one you choose depends entirely on your taste.

The jewellery cards have different texts printed on them. You can use them to tell someone that they are your "favourite person" or just to say "thank you". We have a suitable jewellery card for every occasion. Is there someone you would like to give a gift to? You can view the entire selection of our jewellery cards here.

Order jewellery stickers

Once you've put the bracelets and necklaces on the jewellery card, all that's left is the right packaging. To close the gift box, you can use our various stickers. These are also fresh from the Glücksfieber printing workshop and have been designed especially for you. Just like the jewellery cards, these stickers are available with different texts. From the classic lettering "Handmade with love" to the maritime saying "A little sea please", you'll have everything you need.

Beautifully printed cushion packaging

A beautifully packaged piece of jewellery gives the buyer or recipient even more pleasure. Our Glücksfieber cushion packaging is lovingly printed with motifs from the Glücksfieber graphics workshop. The cushion packaging is particularly suitable for the sail exchange key rings.


Our print range would not be complete without a few beautiful postcards. You will find the postcards in different themes and occasions. You can use the postcards for packaging and presenting jewellery and key rings or just send them out.

So, now we have told you enough about our print articles. Now it's time for the practical. The best thing to do is to have a look around here. We hope that you will find something suitable for you and that you will have as much fun with DIY as we do.