Engraved happiness

Freshly engraved for you in our Glücksfieber workshop! Creative elements for sail exchange keychains, magnetic clasps for sail rope bracelets & jewelry pendants. Cast off for your new nautical inspired jewelry & accessory creations!

Engraved happiness
Engraved happiness

Laser engraving is a surface processing method. A high-energy laser beam is used to permanently change or mark a surface.

In laser engraving, the material is heated very strongly by the impinging laser beam. As a result, the surface color is changed to create contrasts, or the material vaporizes or burns. Laser engraving of metals creates rough structures that appear black and smooth structures that appear white. A laser engraving is permanent and very abrasion resistant.

Black engraving: When laser engraving metals such as tombac or stainless steel, the interaction of the melted base material with the oxygen in the air causes oxides to form, which settle in color. The resulting surface is rather rough and thus absorbs a lot of light. The engraving appears black. On stainless steel, the engraving may also appear dark gray. On items with a high brass content, the engraving may appear black to dark brown.

White engraving: With white engraving, the surface is only slightly melted. The result is a smooth, highly reflective surface - on stainless steel, the engraving looks white.

The biggest advantage of laser engraving is that it is particularly durable and long-lasting. Motifs can be permanently applied to metal items. The motifs are abrasion-resistant. Both very filigree and large-scale motifs can be engraved.

All laser engraving is done in house. We use both zamak and stainless steel as the base material for our engravings. We offer the metal items made of zamak in different finishes like silver plated, gold plated or bronze.

Many hands and heads work on our engraved articles.
First of all, our creative team. Here, ideas for new products and motifs are developed. Interests, hobbies and preferences of our whole team flow into it. But we also often get suggestions from customers. Therefore, we would like to thank all of you! Together with you our offer becomes more and more exciting!

Once the ideas are collected, the first drafts are made. If we are planning a completely new product, such as a new end cap or a new pendant shape, we work together with a manufacturer of metal articles. There a mold is made according to our ideas and samples of the new article are produced. If everything is as we have imagined, the next step is the motifs. Each new form and application presents us with new challenges. Which motives or writings fit to the blank? How big or small can the engraving be? Our graphics team designs the motifs and prepares everything for our laser team. The laser team then creates the files for the new items on the laser machine. The motifs have to be placed for each item so that they are engraved in the right place. This is somewhat time-consuming. That's why we unfortunately can't offer individual engravings.

Then it gets exciting and our idea becomes visible on metal for the first time. This is what we all look forward to the most! Sometimes we have to correct a little thing here and there and then the article can go into production!

Now we can also process the new articles into jewelry and accessories for the first time and produce the photos of the finished articles. Then comes only a small step and the new engraved products go online! So little by little a large assortment of different engraved articles is created.

You can choose from over 1000 different engraved items. Our orderers are two real classics: canvas keychains with engraved end caps or intermediates and canvas bracelets with engraved magnetic closures.

Also very popular are stainless steel chain pendants with engraving. The "Happy" series consists of square pendants with a fine playful script. You'll find the right pendant for every mood.

Engraved items are first of all jewelry accessories made of metal. So the same things apply to care and storage as usual. Stainless steel is particularly robust and does not tarnish. Even if stainless steel has been engraved, this property remains. Nevertheless, clean and dry your jewelry after wearing and store them in a dry place! Silver-plated articles made of zamak can tarnish! Clean these items regularly with a silver polishing cloth. Then you will enjoy them for a long time. Gold-plated articles made of zamak are 24 carat gold-plated, but you still have to treat them carefully. The gold plating can wear off with heavy use.

We hand polish all engraved items once again before they are shipped. If your freshly delivered engraved piece ever shows slight residue on the engraving, we weren't thorough enough. But that's not so bad! With a dry cloth or sponge you can easily remove the last residues.

Unfortunately, we do not make individual engravings. But if you have an idea or a motif request, please contact us. You can reach us via the contact form or directly by mail to kundenservice@gluecksfieber.de. Our design team is looking forward to your suggestions and will see if they can realize this motif for the Glücksfiebershop.

All our engraved articles are engraved directly in our engraving workshop in Lübeck. That's why we can react quickly to your wishes.

If you need a larger quantity of an item than is currently in stock, send us an email at kundenservice@gluecksfieber.de or use the contact form. Please let us know the item number and quantity. Our engraving team will get to work for you immediately and we will notify you when you can order the item in the shop.