Football jewellery for big and small tournaments

We look forward to every football tournament, whether it's the World Cup, the European Championship or small local tournaments. But we also like to stand in the stadium and cheer on our team at league games. As a true football fan, the appropriate fan jewellery is of course a must. After all, our team needs support. In this article, we explain how you can easily create your own fan jewellery and show you which beautiful pieces of jewellery you can make.

Making your own football jew ellery is not difficult at all. In the twinkling of an eye, your very own individual jewellery is ready. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination. You decide on the shape and colour and what kind of DIY jewellery you want to make.

Of course, we have also provided the right inspiration: In our football jewellery instructions, we present a wide variety of fan jewellery. There is guaranteed to be something for every taste.

Football beads and pendants

The three colours black, red and gold must not be missing when you create your personal football jewellery. Your self-made piece of jewellery in the colours of Germany will show everyone at first glance which team you are rooting for. Some of our football beads and pendants are therefore printed with these three colours. Maybe you want to make your own leather bracelet and use it as fan jewellery for the World Cup? Then you should take a closer look at our metal bead slider Germany. Under DIY instructions with this article you will also find the matching jewellery instructions for DIY.

If you prefer a more neutral design for your football jewellery, you can of course also find the beads and pendants in the classic shapes in our online shop, such as a football metal bead or a football metal pendant. This way you don't have to choose a particular team and you can still show your friends that you are a real football fan.

Football motif sheets and jewellery cards

Homemade jewellery with glass cabochons and motif sheets is very popular. So that every wish can come true and you can create your very own personal fan jewellery, we have motif sheets for you that revolve around the theme of "football". Here we explain how you can glue these motifs into your glass cabochon and which glue is best to use.

Of course, you can also give your created jewellery to your loved ones as a gift. Making gifts yourself is always a good idea. To present the football jewellery, we have jewellery cards and stickers in our range. For example, choose one of our jewellery cards and attach the finished piece of jewellery to it. And the gift is ready. You can find a small selection of ideas for homemade fan jewellery for the jewellery cards in our DIY Online Magazine number 41. Let's go. We wish you lots of fun while browsing.

Letter beads for football jewellery

Our all-time favourite: plastic letter beads. There is no word that you can't write with these little letters. You can use them to personalise your fan jewellery. For example, design your football bracelet with letter beads and show everyone who will be the next world champion. By the way, you can order the beads not only with printed letters, but also with numbers, hearts and hashtags. How about a homemade football bracelet for the World Cup, for example?

This bracelet is the perfect example that there is also jewellery for men. Men's jewellery is less common than women's jewellery, but it does exist. So if you enjoy making things with beads and want to give your partner, who is also a big football fan, a little pleasure, you will definitely hit the mark with this bracelet.

Fan bracelets

We were able to inspire you with our products and you would like to make your own football bracelets? Then it's high time to get started. Under the category Fan Bands you will find a large selection of all kinds of bands that you can use to make your own:

Leather bracelets to make your own fan jewellery:
In addition to the black Milano leather bracelet, which you can find in single and double versions and with metallic, we also offer you the high-quality Berlin leather bracelet, our Craft leather bracelets, and the wide leather bracelet. The leather bracelets are perfect for the football slider beads. They are very easy to put on.

Cork strap for your football bracelet:
We have the cork strap in two different designs. You have the choice between a round or a flat cork ribbon. The round cork band has a diameter of 5mm and has a seam on the side. The flat cork band, on the other hand, is 10mm wide. You can order these two fan bands from us by the metre.

Make your own sail rope bracelets:
You can also easily make your own fan jewellery with our colourful sail rope in black, red and gold. We have the sail rope in three different diameters: 2mm, 5mm and 10mm. Did you know that you can also make beautiful key rings for the World Cup from sail rope? You can find a matching jewellery instruction here.

Other ribbons:
Waxed cotton ribbon, rubber cord, macramé jewellery ribbon and PVC tube can also help you create your football jewellery. These ribbons can be used to make the most beautiful pieces of jewellery yourself. By the way, you can find all of our jewellery ideas for fan jewellery here. Once you've decided on a DIY tutorial, you can easily add all the materials you need to your shopping basket using the DIY one-click system.

We are ready for every football match. Are you too?