Everything you need for spooky beautiful Halloween DIY jewelry. Beads and pendants.


Halloween is a good occasion to have a nice party and dress up. The evening will be perfect with the right jewellery and accessories. But you can also decorate yourself with pumpkins or bats in the time before Halloween. With the Halloween beads and pendants in our shop, you can create many beautiful pieces of jewellery yourself. We have already prepared some Halloween jewellery ideas for you. You can find all the jewellery pieces in our shop with a complete list of materials and all the necessary instructions. With the practical one-click DIY, you can add all the items for the jewellery to your shopping basket with just one click.

Sweet or sour?

Tastes are different. Are you more the type for extra spooky Halloween jewellery or do you prefer it sweet with Tiny Food tags? Whatever your taste, we've got you covered. For brave Halloween fans, we have spooky bats, spiders or skulls in our range. For those with a sweeter taste in jewellery, we have liquorice shaped beads or beautiful lollipop pendants.

How can I make jewellery for Halloween myself?

Jewellery making is a lovely hobby and not difficult at all. There is a huge range of shapes, colours and materials for jewellery. So you can adorn yourself with some very special homemade jewellery for any occasion. In our jewellery tutorials we explain everything you need to know.

Halloween earrings
Earrings or creoles are particularly suitable for Halloween. You can attach spooky pendants to fishhooks or creoles. You can make your own earrings in no time at all. You can find matching Halloween pendants and all other earring accessories in the shop.

Halloween necklaces
Necklaces always fit. Depending on the occasion or costume, a short or long necklace is more suitable. For a quick result, you can combine a link necklace with a pumpkin pendant, for example. If you want something more elaborate, a necklace made of polaris beads and gemstone beads in the shape of a skull or pumpkin is a good choice. We recommend that you choose typical Halloween colours.

Halloween bracelets
Bracelets can be worn individually or in combination with other bracelets. Small Halloween beads or pendants make your bracelet an atmospheric eye-catcher.

Halloween finger rings
Your Halloween jewellery set is only complete when you wear the matching finger ring. A finger ring with a pumpkin cabochon is very easy to make. The cabochon is simply glued to a ring rail with jewellery glue.

Which colours go particularly well with Halloween jewellery?

We recommend using orange, black and white for your Halloween jewellery. If you want to add some extra colour accents, we recommend dark purple or poison green.

Which accessories go with my Halloween party?

Anything spooky is allowed. Decorate yourself with Halloween style jewellery. A great idea is also a mobile phone chain in the Halloween look. Then you won't be able to lose your smartphone in the party crowd.
You can also make wine glass charms for your party guests. That way everyone can keep track of their Halloween drinks.

In any case, we wish you