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Maritime Jewellery

Maritime jewellery is indescribably beautiful! Take your time for a little more. In this category, everything revolves around the topic of "Maritime Jewellery". Here you will find many maritime jewellery ideas and of course the matching maritime accessories. You can be curious. In the future, you can always carry the sea with you. So what are you waiting for? Start your very own maritime jewellery project today.

In our online shop you can buy a wide range of nautical pendants and beads. From the classic anchor to a gold-plated steering wheel - we have it all! Of course, you can also find metal pendants in the shape of a fish or beautiful shells in our range. Because one thing we know for sure: more makes you happy. Are you ready to take the time to be happy?

Pendants, beads and cabochons in anchor shape

Would you like to make DIY jewellery with an anchor? We have great news for you: Under the tab "Anchor times" you can see all items that have the shape of an anchor or an anchor engraving. So you don't have to search long to find the right anchor for your DIY jewellery. All anchors at a glance - what more could you want?

Anchors are available as classic pendants made of metal, metal beads, sliders and cabochons. You can get each of these different designs from us in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Our slider end caps with an anchor engraving are particularly popular. With these you can make beautiful nautical key rings yourself. All you need for these great key rings is our sail rope in the colour of your choice, our Hasulith Hasufix super glue, a key ring and of course the end cap with an anchor. You can see the DIY instructions here. If you prefer to have a printed jewellery instruction at home, you can order our DIY print magazine Glückswerke 8.

Pendants and beads in other nautical shapes

Fish in all colours and shapes - you can find them in the category "Fish Ahoy". You can use the cute little sea creatures as sliders for your leather bracelet or as pendants for your nautical necklace. You can also choose between gold-plated and silver-plated fish. Take your time to look around and discover your favourite fish. We can't wait to see which one you choose.

Head for your home port! What better way to do that than with a steering wheel? Steering wheels are definitely one of the most popular maritime symbols. For this reason, of course, it must not be missing among the accessories for maritime jewellery. Under the tab "A ship is coming" you can order many different metal beads and pendants in the shape of a steering wheel. Whether small, large, gold-plated or silver-plated - you are sure to find something suitable. In addition to the steering wheels, you can also get metal pendants in the shape of a sailing ship or boat. You can see the entire range here.

Shells and starfish for DIY jewellery

Shell pendants and beads
Did you know that you can still hear the sea in shells? So that you always have a piece of the sound of the sea with you in the future, we recommend our shell pendants and shell beads. We have grouped them together for you under the tab "Sound of the sea". You can get the inspiration you need to make your own maritime jewellery from the beautiful shells in our ideas for jewellery with shells. Here we show you how to make your own nautical bracelets and shell earrings.

Starfish pendants and beads
Maritime jewellery- Of course, starfish are not to be missed here. If you look closely, you can even see a starfish smiling. No wonder, because it spends its entire life at the sea. Wouldn't you smile too? The starfish pendants and starfish beads are perfect for making maritime earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The sea creature looks particularly good in the form of a slider on a leather bracelet. We show you how to make such a bracelet yourself in our basic technique "Make your own leather bracelet for slider beads".

Sail rope and accessories

Sail rope is not only for hoisting sails. You can also make many different pieces of maritime jewellery yourself from sailor's twine. On our homepage you can order the sail rope with three different diameters: 2mm, 5mm and 10mm. Of course, you also have the choice between different colours and you can also decide between a striped and a single-coloured sail rope. You can see all our sailing ropes and matching accessories in the category "Sailor's Yarn". Have you already had a look around here?

Thanks to these ropes, you can make your own personal maritime bracelet with an anchor. In our basic technique "Make your own sail rope bracelet" we explain step by step how to proceed. The bracelet with an anchor clasp will be a real eye-catcher. So that you have a picture in front of your eyes, you can see here how such sail rope bracelets with a magnetic clasp can look.

DIY magazines, motif sheets and jewellery cards

Nautical DIY Magazines
As we love the nautical, we have used this theme for many of our DIY magazines. You can view these magazines conveniently online or have the DIY print magazine delivered to your home and flick through them while relaxing on the sofa. Do it the way you like it. There are lots of great nautical jewellery ideas and instructions waiting for you in the magazines. It's definitely worth taking a look! You can order the magazines under the "Logbook" tab.

Nauticalmotif sheets, stickers and cards
Homemade jewellery needs to be presented well! In our category "Sea you" you can buy many different articles. Here you can order stickers and jewellery cards with many different nautical sayings. They are perfect for wrapping your self-made jewellery as a gift. If you prefer to keep your jewellery yourself, we also have beautiful wooden jewellery stands. These are great for storing jewellery at home.

In addition to the jewellery cards and stickers, we also offer countless nautical motif sheets for you to buy. You can use these together with our glass cabochons. How to glue the glass cabochons onto the motif sheets is explained step by step in our basic technique "Gluing glass cabochons".

Maritime DIY jewellery instructions

Now we have introduced you to our nautical articles for making jewellery yourself. Now that you know them all, we can go one step further and show you which indescribably beautiful pieces of jewellery you can make with them. In the category "Denn man tau" we have summarised our entire range of nautical jewellery ideas and instructions for you. With these jewellery instructions, you can make your own necklaces, earrings and bracelets in the future. Your DIY jewellery will be just the way you want it.

Once you have found a suitable jewellery tutorial for you, you can use the DIY one-click system to add all the materials you need to your shopping basket. With one click you have ordered your entire shopping list. Isn't that just wonderful?

If you would like to create other jewellery yourself and not just on a maritime theme, then you should take a look at our jewellery instructions. Here you can find everything from pearl bracelets to cabochon earrings. We wish you lots of fun while browsing.