Animals make our lives more beautiful! That's why we have designed a new collection with cute animal engravings for all animal fans.

The animals cavort on spacers and end caps for key rings and on metal pendants. You can use the new engraved items for both key rings and jewellery. The selection of cute animals is huge - so you're sure to find at least one favourite!

Cuties - These cute animals will make you smile!

Buy items with animal engravings in the Glücksfieber Shop!

We can't imagine life without animals! That's why we have a collection with cute animal engravings for all animal fans. You can find the animals on spacers and end caps for key rings, but also on metal pendants in different sizes. The engraved items are suitable for both key rings and jewellery.

Cute key rings with animal motifs - simply homemade!

Sail exchange key rings are very popular and always a nice gift or present. If you like these animal-themed items and still need some inspiration, take a look at our DIY-with-one-click jewellery and accessories! We've made a few keychains and put them online with complete material lists and basic instructions. If you would like a different ribbon colour or engraving, simply click on the 'Alternative items' button and we will suggest suitable alternatives.

Cute bracelets with your favourite animal

Animal love can also be worn on the wrist. The small engraved stainless steel pendants with a diameter of 15 mm are the ideal size for bracelets. That sounds like a great combination: your favourite colour combined with your favourite animal. Again, we've designed a few bracelets for you to get inspired by. The engraved stainless steel charms can be combined with many different types of beads. They go just as well with polaris beads as they do with gemstone beads or glass beads. You can find the complete material lists for the bracelets in the shop.

Cute necklaces with animal charms

Necklaces go with any outfit and will delight everyone from the very young to the very old! The necklaces are also very easy to make yourself. The link chains already have a ready-made clasp and all you have to do is add a loop or split ring to the pendant of your choice. Then put the pendant on the chain and you're done! You can find the zama pendants with animal motifs in sizes 22 or 25 mm in our shop.

Pendants and beads - Even more cute animals!

Of course we have a lot more animal pendants and beads in our shop. Take a look at the selection right now - from pendants with paw prints to beads with cat motifs, everything is there! So you can add lots of beautiful little things to your self-designed and self-made animal jewellery.