ENROLLMENT - Gift ideas for school children

"Finally a school child" - We want to celebrate this special day in life. Of course, this also includes small gifts and souvenirs. How about a few homemade little things for the school cone or the gift table?

ENROLLMENT - Gift ideas for school children
ENROLLMENT - Gift ideas for school children

DIY gifts for starting school

"Finally starting school" - This is a day that many children look forward to. Life changes and a new exciting phase begins. Such events need to be celebrated. And a celebration naturally includes gifts and presents. A few homemade little things for the school cone or the gift table are also part of the celebration!

What can you give a schoolchild for their first day at school?
You've probably asked yourself the same question! We have a few nice ideas for you here.
All the gift ideas are easy to make yourself and you can also personalise them with letter beads.

Key rings for schoolchildren
When children start school, they become a little more independent. This includes a few new keys, e.g. for the bike or the school locker. To make sure nothing gets lost, a key ring is a great gift idea! Depending on your individual taste, you can make the key rings with thick 10 mm sail rope or with thin 5 mm sail rope. There are matching spacers and end caps with schoolchild engraving for all strap thicknesses. We have also prepared some DIY ideas for you. You can also find all ideas for key rings as "DIY with one click" complete with material list and instructions.

Lucky charms for the start of school
The first day of school is even more fun with a personal lucky charm. This can be a beautiful colourful bracelet with a magnetic clasp, or a nice necklace with a pendant engraved with a schoolchild's name. But a pendant for the pencil case is also a great new companion! You can personalise your new lucky charm with letter beads. Simply add the name of the schoolchild with letter beads.
We have prepared some ideas for you, complete with material lists and instructions for schoolchild lucky charms.

Bracelets for schoolchildren
Bracelets are a beautiful companion and constantly remind us of who gave us the beautiful bracelet. This way you can always carry a piece with you at home. Bracelets made of colourful sail rope are especially fun. With a magnetic clasp, bracelets can also be easily opened and closed on their own. A sailing rope bracelet with matching engraving makes a lovely gift for a first day at school.

Chains for schoolchildren
Everyone wants to look smart on their first day at school. How about a personalised necklace? All you need is a link chain or a cotton ribbon and a beautiful schoolchild pendant. You can also add coloured beads in the child's favourite colour to the cotton ribbon.

Pendants for the school bag
The end caps and key rings are also suitable as pendants for the school bag! Our tip: make the school bag pendants with sail rope with ribbons that reflect in the dark! Then you can attach the pendant to the satchel and attract additional attention in the dark.

Pendant for the pencil case
Even the pencil case looks much nicer with an individual pendant! The small stainless steel pendants with schoolchild engraving are particularly suitable as pencil case pendants. Combine the pendants with the name of the schoolchild with letter beads and colourful wooden beads or polaris beads.

Aschool introduction gift
A school introduction gift is also a maths necklace. It is a good help for learning the basic arithmetic operations and can be designed individually. In our step-by-step instructions, we show you how easy it is to make your own arithmetic chain.

Engravings for the first day of school
Whether you want to make a necklace, a bracelet, a key ring or a pendant for a satchel or pencil case, you will find the right items in the engravings for the first day of school section! This way, you can give the new schoolchildren a special treat for their first day at school.