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Elasticated ribbon for beaded bracelets

Do you already know our elasticated ribbon that you can use to make your own elasticated bracelets? We love making them ourselves! Every piece of jewellery you make yourself is simply beautiful and can be designed exactly according to your wishes and ideas. The eternal search for the right accessory for certain occasions, such as weddings and birthdays, has finally come to an end. With DIY jewellery, you can let your imagination run wild and take your happiness into your own hands. Simply design the jewellery to match your outfit.
One of the most popular pieces of homemade jewellery is the elastic bracelet. If you want to make your own elasticated bead bracelets, one item is essential: Elasticated ribbon.

What is elasticated ribbon?

Elasticated ribbon is a stretchy stringing material for making bracelets. The ribbon can be stretched to many times its original length and then returns to its original length. Once you have threaded all the beads onto the ribbon, it is closed with a double knot. You don't need an additional fastener as the stretchy bracelet can simply be slipped over the wrist. You can find simple and detailed instructions on how to knot a bracelet in the Glücskfieber basic instructions for jewellery. Elasticated ribbon is often also called silicone ribbon.
At Glücksfieber you can buy elastic band from different manufacturers, in different diameters, colours and packaging sizes, so that you can find the right band for you!

What different elastic bands are available?

Griffin Jewelry Elastic Cord
In our online shop, we offer elastic cord in three different versions.
The most commonly used and most popular cord is a quality product from Griffin. You can find the so-called "Griffin Jewelry Elastic Cord" in our range in three different diameters: 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm. This means you can always choose the right cord for your selected beads and pendants. It is important that the hole diameter of the beads and pendants is not smaller than the diameter of the Griffin ribbon. If you are planning to make a large number of bracelets yourself, we recommend ordering the ribbon on a large roll. The individual ribbons are available from us in lengths of 5 metres, 25 metres and 100 metres.
Did you know that Griffin ribbon can be stretched up to 2 times its original length?

Beadalon Elasticity
We also offer an elasticated ribbon from Beadalon. This tape can be ordered with a diameter of 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm. We offer the beadalon ribbon in rolls of 5 metres.

If you are just starting to make your own jewellery and are looking for a cheaper alternative, we recommend our inexpensive elastic ribbon with a diameter of 0.8 mm. The roll contains 8 metres and is available in black and transparent.

How can I make my own bracelets with elasticated tape?

We have already shown you how to knot your bracelet so that it doesn't come undone. But before you close the bracelet, you need to thread on the beads and charms. Stringing the beads is child's play. The elasticated band is simply pulled through the openings in the beads. If you decide to add a pendant to your bracelet in addition to the beads, the first thing you should do is thread it onto the bracelet. Binding ring pliers are very helpful for this. Use the binder ring pliers to bend open the binder ring and then hook the eyelet of the metal ring and the pendant into it. And your pendant is ready and can be threaded onto the bracelet.

Jewellery instructions for elastic bracelets

In our jewellery instructions you will not only find the right basic technique to make your own bracelet, but also a wide range of jewellery ideas.
You have a huge selection of different beads in every imaginable size and colour. From lava beads to beautiful gemstone beads, there is something for every taste. How about a bracelet made from Katsuki beads or our Preciosa beads in tropical colours, for example? Take a look around and let yourself be inspired. Your self-made piece of jewellery is within reach.

As we all know, the best is saved for last: a real classic among jewellery ideas and instructions is the letter bracelet. This is a bead bracelet with letters. Create your own personalised bead bracelet with a name. We also have the letter beads in different colours ready for you. Haven't you always wanted to make your own friendship bracelets? Then you've made exactly the right choice with the bead bracelet with letters. No other bracelet is better suited for this than the letter bead bracelet.

At Glücksfieber you can buy elasticated ribbon for bracelets in many variations at a reasonable price. But you won't just find silicone ribbon in our shop! You can also conveniently order matching beads made of glass, gemstone, polaris or metal at the same time! We offer all items both retail and wholesale!